Check out all these links to resources to help you market and promote your literacy and language programs better. Most of the resources are free and downloadable.


The Key to Marketing ESL Programs

Marketing Your Language Program 101

One Secret to Marketing Small Language Schools: Proper Job Titles

Market Your ESL/EFL Program in Multiple Languages to Build Trust with Parents

Profile of an ESL School Owner

Save Your Language Program! Strategies to Help Second Or Foreign Language Programs, K-12 and Beyond

7 Keys to an Effective Language Program Marketing Strategy

Research and scholarly work

Marketing of Revenue-Generating ESL Programs at the University of Calgary: A Qualitative Study (Ph.D. Thesis)

The Plight of the ESL Program Director

Revenue-Generating Language Programs at Canadian Post-Secondary Institutions: Emerging Themes from a Documentation Analysis

More resources

Online resources – Here’s a link to a Diigo list of online resources compiled specifically with marketing and promotion of language programs in mind.

Marketing Matters for Language Schools: Tips and tricks for generating interest in your language courses (.ppt)

Marketing Your ESL Programs Successfully (.ppt)

Marketing Workshop for Language Programs (.ppt)

Business with words: Language programs that generate revenue and impact communities (.ppt)

Selling Words: Promoting Your Your Second Language Program (.ppt)

School Marketing 101: How to Help Your School Shine its Brightest


Marketing Your ESL Program Successfully – Tips and Tricks

Want to change the world? Learn another language

101 Ways to Market Your Language Program (book promo)

Low-cost, High-impact Marketing for Literacy (1 of 5) – A video presentation from a live speaking event at the Spotlight on Learning Conference. You’ll also want to check out Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5. (All 5 parts are about an hour in total.)

Webinar recordings

Links to webinar recordings on how to promote second and foreign language programs. In order to access the recordings, you’ll need to allow the system to use Java on your computer.

Successfully Promoting and Marketing Your Language Program

Working with ESL Agents: Tips from the Pros


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